What is BedBox®?


BedBox® is primarily a premium ride-on suitcase. It is the ultimate travel gadget for children up to approximately 6-7 years. It is your child’s hand luggage, ride-on suitcase and inflight bed/leg-rest, all in one.


BedBox® is developed by a former aircraft engineer, pilot, parents and frequent travelers, in cooperation with one of the best design agencies in Norway. It has a clean aviation-inspired and Scandinavian design, and it’s swivel wheels makes it easy to maneuver. In addition, it has a unique and patented bed/leg-rest feature, which makes it one of a kind.


The bed/leg-rest feature of the BedBox® looks so comfortable! Does it compromise safety?



No, we believe using the bed/leg-rest feature of the BedBox® properly does quite the opposite. On a long flight, either we like it or not, children will naturally become tired and will eventually need to rest or sleep. Traditionally, this has been solved by letting children sleep across a seat row like this. Although that is widely accepted and usually not a problem, it is not optimum in case of unexpected turbulence. Using the bed/leg rest feature of the BedBox® will better allow using the aircraft seat belt, while still having a super comfortable place to sleep or rest.

BedBox® - preferred seating


Is there any limitations for using the bed/leg-rest feature?


Yes, it is intended to be used during the cruise portion of the flight only, and must not be used during taxi, take-off, landing or turbulence.


Can the BedBox® be used on any seat?


1st Class Traveler


BedBox® should preferably be used on window seats on single aisle aircrafts. If flying on wide-body aircrafts with twin aisle, it should preferably be used on either window seats, or on the middle seats, if sitting in the middle row, between the aisles.


Is it difficult to use?


No. It is quite easy to use, by following these instructions.


Is BedBox® FAA/EASA/CASA approved?


The BedBox® does not require a specific approval from the aviation authorities. It is primarily a premium hand luggage dimensioned ride-on suitcase designed to make the travel experience better and more comfortable, and the bed/leg-rest feature should only be used during the cruise portion of the flight. Utilizing the bed/leg-rest feature is the same as some of you might have done before: putting a regular suitcase in front of the seat, with some pillows & blankets on top of it, to make up a comfortable seating.


The FAA (US), EASA (Europe) and CASA (Australia), all base their regulations on ICAO guidelines so that most of the regulations are standardized. Placing a BedBox® in front of the seat to make up a comfortable seating is not a violation of these standard International guidelines and practices, as long as its limitations are respected. These limitations also applies to other products like e.g. FlyeBaby, which is a very popular product for the smallest infants, as well as most baby bassinets which is provided by some airlines. The baby bassinets provided by some airlines will on the other hand be subject to a specific approval since it is a part of the aircraft inventory, but that is another story.


With the BedBox®, we wanted to create a unique product that is stylish, universal, easy to maneuver and fun to ride. And of course with a patented bed/leg-rest feature that can also be used for children that has outgrown other sleeping aids available on-board.


Can the BedBox® be used during turbulence?


No, just like most baby bassinets that you will find on some limited number of aircrafts, it shall not be used during turbulence. However, to better secure towards unexpected turbulence, we recommend always using the seat belt in combination with the use of BedBox®, and use the strap to secure the BedBox® in place. (See photo)


What is the maximum length for using the bed/leg-rest feature?


Secure BedBox


Some airlines have better seat pitch than others. Seat pitch is usually between 82-90 cm. As a flat bed, the BedBox® can be used up to the child is approximately 100 – 110 cm, as most children will curl up a little, and comfortably sleep on their side. As a comfortable “Business Class Seat”, it can be used all the way up to the child is approximately 120-130cm.


Older kids need their sleep as well. The BedBox® can in a few quick steps easily convert a standard economy seat into a comfortable Business Class seat for your child. This bed/leg-rest feature in combination with a reclined seat-back, is ver comfortable for a child that doesn’t reach the floor with their legs. Although not “First Class”, still “Business Class”


Is there enough space for other items in the suitcase?


Yes, the mattress does not take up much volume, so there is plenty of space for other favorite items as well. The total capacity of the BedBox® is 20 liters.


In which direction should the child lay down?


If used as a flat bed, lying backwards (like this) will better allow using the seatbelt in combination with bed/leg-rest feature of the BedBox®. Even though this is not a strict requirement, it is always recommended to use the seatbelt whenever seated.


What happens if the seat in front is reclined? Will it affect normal usage of the bed/leg-rest feature?


This has been tested on many different economy seats with a normal recline angle. Since the platform height of the BedBox® is so low, and close to the rotation/hinge point of the backrest of the seat in front, this will usually not be a problem.


Does the bed-feature require the child to have its own seat?


BedBox® is at it´s best if used in a separate seat. If you travel with infants under 2 years old that don't have their own seat, we recommend asking staff at check-in or gate if there are any available seats on-board. Our experience is that families with small children are prioritized on these seats. However, some customers have reported that it is possible to use the BedBox® between two seats, with armrest in the upward position. This is most likely to be successful if done between an adult and another child.


Are the wheels lockable?


BedBox® by JetKids®

No, the wheels are not lockable. To secure the BedBox® in place, we recommend using the shoulder/pulling strap, as you can see onthis photo.


Can the BedBox® be used on bulkhead seats? (Without a seat in front)


The BedBox is primarily designed to be used between two seat rows, as this will give better support and stability. However, if the BedBox is properly secured to the aircraft seat with the help of the strap, it is possible to use it on bulkhead seats.


Can you guarantee that I will be allowed to use the bed/leg-rest feature on every flight and with every airline?


Simple installation



No, an airline is a private property, and can deny basically whatever they want onboard. Even your shoes! Even though most airlines and personnel has given us thumbs up for our initiative in making the travel experience a little more pleasant for the traveling families, we can not guarantee for everyone around the globe.


If you have the unfortunate experience to deal with a cabin crew member who is lacking proper knowledge, or just having a bad day, remind them kindly of the following:


  • It is primarily a suitcase
  • It will be stowed away during taxi, take off, landing, or turbulence
  • The seat belt can still be used
  • The strap can be attached to the bar beneath the seat to give it additional security


In worst case, if all the above for some strange reason was unsuccessful, we can still assure you that your child has the coolest ride-on suitcase ever made, that handles like a Ferrari compared to its competitors.